Leawood, KS is a Dining Palace

Fine Restaurants in Leawood, KS

Leawood is home to first-rate dining and shopping, and its location on the border of Kansas and Missouri makes it a great place to stop off while traveling through the states. You may want to consider the following options whenever you are looking to dine.  Information can be found here.

Parisi Café

A new location in Park Place, you may have heard of Parisi Café thanks to its home location in Union Station. The Park Place spot offers the same delicious menu, with more convenient parking. See here for information about Leawood, KS is Full of Parks.

Dean & Deluca

With locations in larger cities such as New York, Honolulu, and Washington, D.C., Dean and Deluca also set up a Leawood, KS restaurant, bringing their fine ingredients and café menu straight the heart of the Midwest.

The Roasterie in Leawood

The Roasterie is another downtown Kansas City favorite that has taken up real estate in the suburbs. Leawood residents and visitors can indulge in the same great coffee and pastries without the drive or the hassle of getting downtown.

Foo’s Fabulous Café

Foo’s has both a breakfast and lunch menu, but the real draw for this Leawood restaurant might be its custard, which the café boasts as the original frozen custard of the Kansas City area.