Leawood, KS is a Thrill-Seekers Hub

Adrenaline Fun in Leawood, KS

If you love thrilling fun and looking for Leawood’s activities to realize this, you have several alternatives. But above anything else, you may want to consider either of the following Interactive actions.  More can be found here.

Breakout KC Escape Rooms

It’s all thrilling adventure, dreadful suspense, and fun at the Breakout KC Escape Rooms! Enjoy the most adrenaline-rushing 60 minutes of your life! You have exactly one hour to break free from a live-action escape room. Test your limits, engage your gut, solve the riddles and then get out! If you manage to do this in under 60 minutes, consider yourself a legend! Two games are available; Beasley’s Billions and the newly-launched Pyramid Paradox. Along the way, several gizmo challenges add unforeseen twists to the game or even leave you a clue once in a while. Learn more about Leawood, KS is a Kids-Friendly City.

Blade and Timber Axe Throwing

If you crave something a little bit out of the ordinary, then this experience right here will fully satiate this desire and leave you feeling all so good inside. The Blade and Timber place is located at the town center, and it was the first-ever ax-throwing experience in Kansas. There are 12 throwing lines, which can help comfortably serve more than 100 ax-masters simultaneously.